SV-1000/2000 Strain Viewer

The SV-1000/2000 Strain Viewer is a large-field polariscope suitable for inspection of nearly any size product. The SV-2000 can be set up horizontally or vertically, and its standard viewing area is 400 x 500 mm.


In clear and transluscent polymers, residual strains become visible when viewed with the SV-2000 Strain Viewer. The strains appear as a colorful fringer patters, which reveals a wealth of information. A comprehensive instruction manual teaches you how to interpret the color pattern. Quantitative measurements can also be obtained for many applications with an optional compensator.


In production, this simple test can quickly identify defective parts and alert operators to adjust process parameters. The procedure is non-destructive and fast!


Unlike simple crossed polarizers, the SV-1000/2000 uses circular polarizers which assure that stresses are properly observed regardless of specimen position or orientation.




  • Thermoformed packaging
  • Medical components
  • Automotive components



                                                           SV-1000                                              SV-2000                                SV-3000

Max viewable area                          250 x 280 mm                                    400 x 500 mm                     560x560mm


They are also available with plane polarising filters.



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