PVB shaping or stretching for windscreen production

Prepares PVB interlayer sheets for the production of windscreens. It gives both commercial and economical benefits to the windscreen producer.

  • increases the aesthetic and comfort values of top-shaded windscreens
  • gives savings of 15-25 % with top-shaded PVB and 10 % with uniformly coloured PVB




Clear, tinted and top-shaded PVB can be processed. The line is well adapted for shaping both refrigerated and interleaved PVB. It is equipped with automatic interleaf rolling-out system.


The machinery can be used for :


  • shaping top-shaded or uniformly coloured PVB with the minimum radius of 2100 mm
  • stretching PVB to optimal thickness within quality requirements
  • cutting clear and tinted interlayer at any desired angle between 0-25º
  • shaping, stretching and cutting machines can also be operated individually


Production Capacity


  • Shaping: The operating speed for shaper SMF 3: 3m/min, for SMF 6: 6m/min
  • Cutting: Max. speed for FCM cutter is 6 m/min; When used as a part of the line the cutting machine is synchronised with the shaper or relaxation module.




In optimal use, the line


  • minimises waste
  • offers considerable savings by more efficient use of PVB
  • decreases stock items




The equipment should be installed in a dust-free area, preferably in clean room conditions.

The whole line, SMF+REL+FCM should be positioned in a room with a temperature of 20 ±2ºC and RH of 25-30 %.



Area required for basic version with automatic cutting : 4.5 m x 13 m x 3 m height.




According to the user’s needs :

  • separate cutting with drive, operation width 1250 – 1700 mm
  • antistatic treatment of PVB
  • manual stackers
  • humidity measurement





Conventional Process

PVB Shaping and Cutting Line

Top-shaded                                              Cut from roll                                           Shaped from different PVB widths


Renault 19                                                 845 x 1440                                                830 x 1210          840 x 1170

PVB m2/ sheet 1,21                                                                                                     1,00                     0,98


Uniformly Coloured                               Cut from roll                                            Stretched

Renault R 19                                               930 x 1060

PVB m2/sheet                                            1,10                                                            0,99



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