Marine Punch tester

For Shipbuilding and Marine Structures tests according to ISO 614


Punch tester is used for non-destructive strength testing of toughnened safety glass panes for rectangular

windows complying with ISO 3264 and side scuttles complying with ISO 1095.

With the apparatus a steadily increasing load is applied by a punch on the glass pane to be tested.

The load is applied by hydraulic cylinder controlled by programmable controller and displayed on the

controller screen.


The apparatus is equipped with two ring frames so being appropriate for :


Form A :


For glass panes of side scuttles of nominalsize 250 mm and above, and for glass panes of rectangular windows of all sizes.


Form B :


For glass panes of side scuttles of nominal size 200 mm.




  • Width   800 mm
  • Length   550 mm
  • Height   1450 mm
  • Weight   100 kg
  • Installed power  0,6 kW

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