Automatic pummel tester

The Softeco pummel-tester is made to comply with EN 14449 – Laminated glass and laminated safety glass - Evaluation of conformity/Product standard. It can also be used for laminated automotive glass.


The test results are independent of the operator, guaranteeing comparable results.

The pummel tester is available in three versions: semi-automatic and Automatic 6-8 and Automatic 6-24 with PLC for different thicknesses.




• Pneumatic hammer, adjustable speed and force is controlled either by PLC or manually

• Manual or automatic positioning of the laminated glass sample, controllable by PLC

• Safety cover

• Glass sample thickness: up to 24mm (depends on model)

• Glass sample size: from 100x100 to 300x300mm (depends on model)

• Angle between glass and support 5°



Noise control casing (without noise control casing, the noise is between 107 and 77 dBA).

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