Portable Strain Viewer PSV-100

Residual stress can enhance a product, making it stronger, or contribute to the product's failure. Surveillance and monitoring of residual stress is an important element of Process and Quality Control in all industries.


The PSV-100 is a rugged, portable strain viewer for polariscopic examination of transparent or translucent products, revealing strains and stresses due to manufacturing processes.




The PSV-100 is used for glass and plastic inspection, typically:


  • Evaluation of temper in glass
  • Verification of annealing
  • Observation os strains in moulded products
  • Detection of weld and flow patterns
  • Examination of flow patterns and gate efficiency
  • Identification of irregularities due to mould deficiencies or temperature gradients




  • Exists either with linear or circular polarised filters.
  • Battery operated
  • Adjustable working space up to 180 mm
  • Field of view of 75 x 75 mm
  • Light weight 1.4 kg (including batteries)




PSV-TP  : Tint plate, recommended for colour-enhanced pattern observation  of annealed parts.

Measuring wedges : Allows  quantitative measurements with the PSV-100.



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