Portable Spectrophotometer KVLM-A for transmission measurement

The KVLM-A is a portable spectrophotometer designed for in situ measurement of transmission in the visible wavelength range (luminous transmission). Its hand-held design and compact size allow measurement at the test sample without any size limitations. Profiling a test sample by multiple measurements across the sample is easily performed. The instrument can also be integrated into stationary measurement set-ups.


The KVLM-A offers 2 different light source options:


  • CIE Standard Illuminant A
  • CIE Standard Illuminant D65




By integrating the 2 light source options, the KVLM-A is suitable for use in:


  • process control
  • incoming inspection as well as in research and development for measurement of the efficiency antireflection coatings
  • influence of interference effects to transparency
  • legal conformity of window transmission (ECE R43)
  • any spectrophotometer application in the visible wavelength range where mobility or compact size is required




Using an internal targeting camera, the KVLM-A is one of the easiest to operate fully portable spectrophotometers, and ca even be used on 3D formed samples where the perpendicular alignment is critical.

The automatic ambient light compensation feature uses LED pulse modulation technology to suppress ambient light pollution, and at the same time extending battery life.


KVLM-A also has a built in memory to store up to 100 measurements, and the software provided can be used to monitor the measurements in real time, or to backup and store the results for further manipulation.


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