Mechanical Resistance Tester for

soldered connectors on heatable backlites

The tester controls the pulling resistance of the soldered joint between the connector and the backlite by pulling the connector with a minimum load required, or to the breaking point.


Technical characteristics


The testing device is mounted on a base with fixing accessories. The glass is manually positioned and fixed on the base. The pulling head is moved pneumatically. Pulling force is adjustable via PC or directly with ­pneumatic choker control.


The load is indicated by a 4-digit LCD display and registered into memory. Output through RS 232 interface.


Electric supply : rechargeable battery.



Range :                                 0-490 N

Resolution :                         0,1 N

Dimensions :                       H: 1750 mm

                                              W: 650 mm

                                              L: 650 mm




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