Manual Soldering Machine for the production of heatable backlites

The manual soldering machine is an economic solution to solder the connectors on heatable backlites. It is well adapted for flexible production as well as for using as a back-up unit for automated soldering systems. It gives excellent results and reliable soldering quality.




The equipment is a light-weight mobile unit with compact construction mounted on wheels.


The soldering head, with two tungsten electrodes, is controlled pneumatically. The automatic feed of ­soldering wire is adjustable.


The workstation is a rotary table, where the glass is positioned.




Total weight: 120 kg

Electric supply: 220 V, 50/60 Hz

Compressed air: 6 bar


The equipment is mounted on wheels, and consists of


 1) Power source

 2) Soldering head

  • as single head or with separate docking clamp
  • 2 tungsten electrodessoldering wire on two coils
  • adjustable feed of the wire
  • operation controlled pneumatically
  • electric supply for soldering, cable 25 mm2


 3) Switch pedal

 4) Balancer

 5) Workstation

  • adjustable aluminium frame support


Operating Cycle


 1) Manual loading of glass on workstation

 2) Manual positioning of the soldering head on the glass or docking clamp

 3) Manual feed of the connector

 4) Automatic soldering cycle

  • electrodes lowered
  • power on
  • soldering
  • cooling period
  • removal of electrodes


 5) Removal of the soldering head

 6) Manual unloading of glass


The soldering cycle is short : just a few seconds.


The soldering can be done immediately after tempering on a still warm glass, or later, after removing possibly oxidized surface.


All types of connectors are suitable, of copper or coated. Standard connector holder of the machine suits most connector types. Special holders are available according to customer needs.


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