Sparklike Laser

Sparklike Laser measures non-invasively gas concentration inside the insulating glass unit. It

measures oxygen, and therefore the result can be converted to argon and krypton as well as xenon.


Depending on the transmission characteristics of the glass in the 760nm range, the system can measure gas concentration on double-glazed and triple glazed units, and through coatings and laminated glass.


There are three versions available:


  • Standard: an off-line solution
  • Portable: integrated into a heavy duty case with wheels and a battery
  • Online: custom made to fit the production line


PRODUCTION LINE INSTALLATION - Monitor your quality online


The intelligent analysis system is running on PC software, and thus,

can be built to work as a part of the production line. It is then

possible to measure more products and receive up-to-date

information on your production – even for extended period of time.

You also get accurate thickness measurements of the produced

insulating glass units. Please ask for consultation on how to install

the analyser as a part of your production line.




Overall dimensions                                     Main unit:                        L 500 x W 350 x H 132 mm

                                                                          Measuring head:            L 350 x W 150 x H 350 mm

                                                                          Connecting cable:          2m

Weight                                                            Main unit:                        16 kg

                                                                          Measuring head:            6kg

Operating conditions                                                                             5-40°C

Humidity                                                                                                    20-80%

Accuracy                                                                                                     ± 1.5% Std* - concentration

subject to the glass/spacer                                                                       ± 50 µm – thickness measurement

bar combination

Measurement time                                                                                  9-30s (depends on the settings and IG structure)


Maximum IG thickness                                                                           51 mm (between surface 1 and 3 or 5)

Minimum panel thickness                                                                      2 mm

Main power supply                                                                                   100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption                                                                                  Max 250 W

Display                                                                                                          10.1“ touch screen with pen

Connectors                                                                                                  4xODU multipin, RJ-45, s2 USB 2.0, VAC power


Software                                                                                                       Windows 7, Custom GG Laser (all included)

Data Logging Capability                                                                           SSD Storage (15GB), USB/Network transfer


* Average results on current tests. Might change on complex constructions.




Overall dimensions                                   Trolley case                         L 585 x W 335 x H 690 mm

                                                                        Measuring head:                L 350 x W 150 x H 350 mm

                                                                       Connecting cable:              1.85m

Weight                                                          Main unit:                            21.3 kg

                                                                       Measuring head:                6.6 kg





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