Haze meter for testing haze or transmission


SGH-2 is designed based on ECE R43 Road Vehicles-Safety Glazing Materials-Mechanical tests.

The instrument can be used to test haze after abrasion and light transmission of transparent

or semitransparent samples.




The instability of the light source voltage ≤0.1%. The voltage of the power can be allowed to fluctuate from

198V to 242V.


Optic System


  • Light source: 12V/DC 50W
  • Halide-tungsten lamp : the instability of the voltage ≤0.1%
  • Receptor: a silicon photoelectric cell and a piece of glass for adjusting the optic parameters.


Testing System


  • Testing scope:  Transmission (0~100%)

                                     Haze                (0~30%)

  • Uncertainty:      Transmission % ≤ 1

                                      Haze                % ≤ 0.3


The size of test pieces


  • Abrasion: 100x100mm, the diameter of the center hole: 7mm ;
  • The size of the biggest sample : height 400mm, thickness 20mm, and no special requirement for the length.


Dimensions of SGH-2: 900x320x480 mm;


Working power: single phase 220V/AC±10%, 50Hz, 100W


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