FCM Cutting Machine for PVB interlayer

The FCM machine cuts automatically the PVB interlayer to the desired angle and length for windscreen ­production. Cutting can be performed l l l, / / / or / \ / \ .


The machine is adaptable for cutting


  • clear, tinted and top-shaded PVB
  • shaped and unshaped interlayer
  • refrigerated and interleaved PVB


The FCM is the cutting unit of the PVB SHAPING LINE, but is well adapted for independent use. The working width of the FCM is 1250 mm. Different widths are available.




PLC controlled cutting is performed automatically by a horizontally moving wheel. All process parameters can be adjusted during production run without the need to stop the production.


The machine can also be operated manually.


The operation speed is synchronized with the speed of the shaper SMF or the relaxation unit REL. For unshaped, stretched or unstretched PVB the cutting speed can be adjusted according to necessity up to 6 m/min






  • aluminium profile frame
  • full size conveyor belt for feeding and unloading
  • pneumatic wheel movement
  • cutting performed under safety covers




  • PVB roll support
  • interleaf rolling-out system for interleaved PVB, if used individually without the machines SMF and REL
  • trays for cut blanks and trolley for trays


SPECIFICATIONS                                             FCM - 1250

Cutting angle                                                    0 - 25 º

Maximum working width                               1250 mm (50 inch)

Production capacity                                        1 - 5 pcs/min

car windscreen sheets

Main dimensions :                                           width 2200 mm

                                                                            height 1500 mm

                                                                            length 3000 mm

Installed power                                                1 kW

Compressed air                                               6 bar

Voltage                                                              230/400 V, 50 Hz, 5 wire system

                                                                           (other voltages on request)


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