Edge lift Measurement RWG-EL


Edge Lift Measurement RWG-EL


Roller wave gauge RWG-EL is designed to evaluate the flatness of glass. It can be used to

measure the flatness at the edge of the glass, called edge lift, and the roller wave. It is a simple

and practical, easy to operate tool.


Key Features :


  • Easy to use
  • Precision digital display
  • Can be connected to a PC with optional USB cable
  • Enables the measurement of :
    • Edge lift according to the EN 1863-1 and EN 12150-1
    • Roller wave according to the EN 1863-1 and EN 12150-1



                                                      RWG-EL                                  RWG-EL-HS

Resolution                                   0.01mm                                  0.001mm

Distortion sensitivity                  10mdpt                                  1 mdpt




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